I am so excited to share these yoga leggings designed by me! The blending of my love of travel, photography and yoga has helped me create something very unique. It began several years when I would spend many hours outdoors with a camera, capturing nature photos and enjoying the beauty of the world around me. Along with photography, travel has always been something important to me. Exploring places both near & far and sharing the world through my photos and perspective is very rewarding.

I was looking for a way to share my photos but "I wanted something different, something original."

This is how Where Wear Designs came to be.

Do you you enjoy travelling? Do you enjoy sharing memories? Do you enjoy being a little out of the ordinary? If you have photos of your own travels, special memories and maybe even pets, I would be happy to design custom leggings for you. I feel what we miss the most when we return home from our travels are the special times, places and people we meet along our path. These can be incorporated into a funky pair of leggings. How cool is that! Check out the "Custom Orders" link for more information.

Wear the Story of Where You've Been ~ Loltun Caves, Mexico
Wear the Story of Where You've Been ~ Sunrise Maya Tulum, Mexico
Wear the Story of Where You've Been ~ Inca Trail - Peru